Agile Business Analysis

We have many years of experience in serving both Public and Private sector organisations.

Our approach to Business Analysis is well founded and our adaptability to different business scenarios has always been supported by our belief in sound soft systems theory . Our offering is very much about attitude. That is our difference in that we work with you to bring about the change you want to be a part of in your organisation. We do not do it to you but we help you achieve what you need to achieve to make progress in whatever world you work in.

We are firm believers in Agile Business Analysis and virtually all our project and product delivery engagements over the last 17 years has been based on an Agile way of working.

Prior to that our chief analyst had a 25 year career in Central Government and was a key contributor to several successfully delivered Agile projects before the term Agile was coined to define collaborative and cooperative delivery of business change.

Significant customers

Highways Agency

(now Highways England) Envis data standards

TCC Business Analysis Training services

University of Suffolk - Photographic services

Colchester & Ipswich Museum Service

Photographic services

DSDM Consortium

Business Analysis and Photographic services now Agile Business Consortium

Agile Business Consortium

Business Analysis and Management Consultancy Agile Business Consortium

Kodak alaris have sponsored the extended series of Edgelands by Tom Owens of Open Point Ltd

Tom Owens holds an ARPS Distinction with the Royal Photographic Society

Open Point Ltd is a lifetime member of the Agile Business Consortium

Agile Business Consortium

We practice what we preach Agile Business Analysis Agile Business Consortium AgileBA